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Modular Boring System

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Taper shank, stepped spacer, extension spacer and the body have two screw holes at a 90 degrees distance on the sides. Except taper shank, the stepped spacer, extension spacer and the body have a pin. A hole can also be found at the bottom of taper shank, stepped space and extension spacer. With these features of two screw holes, a pin and a bottom hole, the combination of taper shank with any of the stepped spacer, extension spacer and body, makes a tight lock in the system as it makes a strong interaction; thus, showing a more rigid feature of our modular boring system. Besides being rigid, the modular boring system is also very flexible. Its flexibility allows the system to easily adapt to process various sizes and depth of the hole of the diameter. In naming the outer diameter of the taper shank, extension spacer, stepped spacer and boring head, we used the symbol "H" followed by a number, which represents the size of the outer diameter. For instance, H25, wherein in "H' is the symbol while 25 is the value of the outer diameter. Hence, in this series, there are H25, H32, H40, H50, H63.

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