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PC-SW-CSB Series:Center surface winding type slitter

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Main specifications: Max. web width(mm) 760/1200/1800 Max. unwind diameter(mm) 1000 Max. rewind diameter(mm) 1000 Min. slitting width(mm) 8 Max. machine speed(m/min) 200/300 Applicable webs Different types of sheet, film, and paper Product Feature: Main Features: Winding Type Duplex center surface winding; Unwind Part Equipped with edge position control (EPC) to ensure accurate film slitting position; Equipped with powder brake or motor for unwinding to ensure stable tension control. Slitting Part Equipped with razor blade or rotary knifes for slitting according to the web material characteristics; Equipped with static elimination device to eliminate electrostatic charge on the web effectively; Equipped with automatic counter with two-step type deceleration function to maintain stable tension when reaching preset length before the machine completely stops; Rewind Part Center surface rewinding for rewinding large diameter reels. Rewind Tension Control Duplex rewind shafts with each rewind equipped with AC motor and AC vector drive for independent automatic tension control; Duplex rewind shafts equipped with automatic constant pressure control system for each rewind to get the even hardness of the rewind reel from inner to outer parts and prevent deformation phenomenon. Trim Handling Equipped with blower and blowing pipe. Computer Control System By programmable logic control to coordinate the control of the actions of the whole machine under high degree of automation; 5.7" touch-screen with automatic alarm display and trouble message.

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