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Soup-stock powder

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"The super condensed soup powder of kingwell" used the raw materials, the such as fresh chicken framework, chicken and the pork bone. .etc., by traditional cook soup craft, condensed by spray drying method the product nourishment is abundant, plentiful, thick taste and can boil long time the taste is the same. Product Feature: This product produced by standardization, quality stable, the taste is natural, the soup color is like milk white, usage convenience fast, can be apply in each kind of dining business enterprise of chafing dish, Chinese food...etc. Usage method: add "The super condensed soup powder of kingwell" to boiled water, then dissolved is OK. Compare to tradition craft, there are usage convenience, easy to the operation, quantity stable, improve the work environment etc. It suited for the dining catering business enterprise to provide the quality stability particularly, promote the kitchen standardize the construction, lowered the kitchen cost.

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