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Company Name:Kunshan kesun plastic & rubber machinery co., ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:NO.202 Xinda Road,Kunshan.Jiangsu.China

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LSFH/HFFR cable material Pelletizer Line; Paper stone Pelletizer Line

ProductCategory: Origin:China Brand: KESUN Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T Delivery Period:60days


1. Line process:
Kneader→Conveyor→Doule-awl force feeder→Single screw extruder→Wind cooling die-head hot cutting→Release agent feeder→Cylone→Release agent recycling→Vibrator→Production silo
2. Line principle:
Material first mixed in the Kneader is automatically transferred into the Doule-awl force feeder by Conveyor; bulk materail forced pushed into the Extruder by the twin tapered screw of the Feeder is forced through a die having a series of holes in a circular pattern. As the polymer emerges from the die holes, it is cut into pellets by rotating blades and solidified; the pellets are then conveyed by the wind blower and cooling, vibratation and finally into the Production silo.into the Production silo.
3. Typical Material:
PVC, LSFH/HFFR, Inner/External shielding cable material; CPE; Functional masterbatch; Color masterbatch; Heat shrinkable material; PP+black carbone and Rubber material masterbatch.
Product Features: Large volume hopper capacity
Exceptional cooling and temperature control
Full and easy access for cleaning
Simple, automatic and continuous operation
Easy maintenance
Cost effective and affordable

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