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HDPE drainage sheet extrusion line

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Waterproof and drainage board production line is our newest product. Our technicist innovate in traditional sheet machinery, made it is suitable for production of HDPE honeycomb drainage plate. Waterproof drainage board has the character of high resistant to pression, anti-corrosion, acid-base resistance and chemical to corrode, the roots of plants sting, does not decompose, so it has a long service life. HDPE waterproof and drainage board is a kind of high durability waterproof and drainage material that will not affact from the external influence generally, This environmental protection material won't damage to underground water sources, ecological environment, human health and the environment. HDPE waterproof and drainage board brought a leading global new design concept, that is, through professional waterproof design, professional guide water planning and comprehensive protection, to achieve the overall protection system security goals. The design principle is through the special concave and convex double-glazing structure, and adopt reliable and simple connections (adhesive or welding), to achieve the overall protection, waterproof and drainage, and other functions. HDPE waterproof and drainage plate is easy installation, no degradation, and it has good flexibility, resistance to plant root puncture, accord with environmental protection requirement, ensure that underground water safety and ecological balance. Polyethylene (HDPE) waterproof and drainage plate is the first muti_function coil material that can provide comprehensive protection for system, professional waterproof and drainage. As the raw material, HDPE ensure products all the best function.

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