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CTP collagen peptide

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Collagen peptide is extracted from non-polluted fish skin of deep sea and fish scales’ collagen and refined by modern biological engineering method such as composite enzyme gradient directional enzyme cutting technology, etc. Its unique low molecular structure can quickly and effectively complement collagen nutrition that human body has lost. This product has reached international quality standard with no pollution or peculiar smell and is white or light yellow powder. High thermo stability, ingredients and properties are stable under 120℃ Product Features : CTP collagen peptide has smoothly passed strict testing of Housheng Province, Japan. The results prove that CTP collagen peptide has perfect quality of world top collagen. Moisturizing: Due to its small molecular, it can quickly penetrate into skin to nourish dermis’s collagen, promote skin’s collagen metabolism, delay aging. Thus its cosmetics function is remarkable. Strong water- solubility: can melt with water in any proportion and be used in making various kinds of cosmetics. Super digestion absorption capacity: Special polypeptide chains linear structure makes it almost 100% absorb and is 200 times of ordinary collagen protein absorption rate. High nutritional value: can be used as additives of supplementing calcium and have a very good effect in protecting joint. Application Scope Body-building products: Keep corneous layer moisture and fibrin structural integrity, improve skin cell survival environment, make women have tight and tender skin and plump proud figure. When oral taken, it can have a positive effect in female endocrine’ regulation. Cosmetics: It can be moderately added in paste frost, facial mask, water agent, facial cleanser and makeup products to improve products’ quality. Liquid dairy products: used in milk drinks, fresh milk, yogurt or directly added in milk, improve nutritional value, enhance intelligence and strengthen immunity. Products for supplementing calcium: its special hydroxyproline can be used as a carrier to promote bone to absorb calcium, accelerate skeletal development and suit for developing new supplementing calcium for all age groups.

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