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Company Name:Winstar Technology Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:No. 21, 13F, Lane 169, Kang-Ning Street, Shi-Chih, New Taipei 221, Taiwan

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On-Line Surface Inspection System

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All-in-one surface inspection system integrated with German CCD camera and Japan Lens together with Digital Image Processing, precision optical equipment, and customizable Webscan S/W is perfect for defect inspection and warning signal (flash / alarm) control. Feature and Application: ✦ Plastic industry: BOPP,BOPA,PP, PE, PET…optical films and sheets. ✦ Fiber industry: Textile products, non-woven fabrics, fiberglass, and paper mill. ✦ Narrow Web & Label insudtry ✦ Metalwork industry: Copper foils & plates, aluminum foils, stainless steel plates.. ✦ Electronics industry: Glass substrate, Display panels, copper clad laminate..etc ✦ Multiple processing: i.e. process monitoring for coating, stamping, laminating , exposure, etching, sputtering… etc

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