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Hot Runner Systems

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- Valve Gate Hot Runner System - Single Valve Gate Nozzle - Full Natural Balance Manifold System - Stack Mould Hot Runner System - Multi-Material Hot Runner System - Hot-Half System - Hot Sprue Nozzle - PID Temperature Controller Product Features : Polyflow has established a series of reliable and stable hot runner systems. Lies on its professional system design, by one-on-one expert attention and with a comprehensive project backup services, assists customers tailor-made the systems to meet the different requirements of the mold projects, that can greatly helps to raise the production efficiency. We have close practical practice and experience with many different specialized industries that include: Packaging / Medical / Automotive / Cosmetics / Caps Closures/ Home Appliances Use Polyflow hot runner systems, you can speed up the production cycle, saving material, reducing waste and secondary processing. Thereby enhancing the productivity of injection molding industry, so you get the best profit.

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