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Feed block, one of the key components in the co-extrusion line, extrudes plastic melt into several sheets, then combined these sheets together, through the flow channel of the die, finally extrude a multi-layer film, sheet, board products. Due to its crucial function on the precession of the final products, it places extremely rigid requirement on the dimension procession of the tens of millimetres sized feed block. ●Modular type: the feed block is made of different stainless steel blocks which form required thickness of each layer. The block structure ensures very easy flow channel clearing. This type can be effectively applied to those multi-layer products which require only slight change in the layer percentage, and it can reach up to 5 layers. ●Layer number, as well as compounding proportion can be adjusted by changing the mandrel during the process of production. The easy adjusting method enables a quicker start-up of the line, and omits repeating commissioning. ●Swinging vanes type: percentage of each layer can be adjusted independently via a leaf shaped vane after the melt flow has been divided into several layers, the on-line construction adjustment can be done at any time. Meanwhile, swinging vanes feed block is equipped with dividing bars inside, with a proper shape, these bars can ensure very even composition for different raw materials. ●Each swinging vanes type feed block is designed with compositor mandrel to change the order of each layer.

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