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Company Name:Phon Tech Industrial Company

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:NO. 112, Gongye Rd., Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan

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TPR/TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound white economy grade

ProductCategory: Origin:Taiwan Brand: PHOENIX Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T, L/C Delivery Period:7 days


Except for transparent or translucent material, there are still other options available to suit different requirements. PHOENIX™ White Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds are thus developed. This product family creates diverse features than transparent or translucent materials have. For example, matt finish, silky smooth and dry gripping feels which provide distinguish value to the products. Most important of all, this product family is filler added and hence provide an economical solution for those who are looking for alternatives to reduce cost. This product family is well designed, verified, and fine tuned to meet different customers’ requests. Each grade of PHOENIX™ White TPE compounds is the essence of abundant experience, knowledge and sophisticated technology.


1. Our TPE Compounds with wide range of hardness (Shore 15A ~ 95A)
2. We provide Anti-slip TPE Compounds
3. Non-sticky
4. Easy to process and color
5. Overmolding to PP, PE
6. Economy
7. TPE Compounds with superior Resilience
8. Excellent brittle temperature (-40 ~ -60)
9. Meet FDA requirements

Customer Service


PHON TECH has excellent service department and outstanding R&D team. Feedback and requirements of customers are truly and quickly conveyed to our R&D team. A successful cross department teamwork demands effective correspondence and continual follow up.
Service provided is the true nature of staff's passion. Creating added value to the products is our permanent goal. The staff is all well-trained and organized. PHON TECH is ready to provide you the technical service at any time and any place. Come to experience it.

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