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Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:NO. 112, Gongye Rd., Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan

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TPR/TPE thermoplastic elastomer alloy overmolding with engineering plastics

ProductCategory: Origin:Taiwan Brand: PHOENIX Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T, L/C Delivery Period:7 days


Rigidity and toughness are the general features of Engineering Plastics for some high performance applications. PHOENIX™ Alloy Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds are functional TPE Compounds designed to offer additional comfort feeling, aesthetic looking and higher value apart from engineering plastics by overmolding with PC, PC/ABS, PA, and ABS. These Alloy Thermoplastic Elastomers Compounds are also developed for high performance requirements, such as higher heat resistance, lower compression set at higher temperature, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. Combined the high performance thermoplastic vulcanized (TPV), PHOENIX™ Alloy Thermoplastic Elastomers Compounds demonstrate the performance characteristics of TPV, yet provide the easy process ability and improve the overall appearance compared to usual TPV.


PHOENIX™ Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy
1. Softness
2. Anti-scratch
3. Easy to process and color
4. Excellent tensile strength
5. Excellent heat resistance (up to 120)
6. Excellent oil resistance
7. Good adhesion to PC, ABS, PA

PHOENIX™ Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy Series
PHOENIX™ White 12 Series (Shore 30A ~ 70A)
Excellent adhesion to PC, ABS, PC+ABS, PA. Soft touch, anti-slip, and easy coloring. Good tensile strength.
Applications Suitable for electrical tools, pneumatic tools, mouse.
PHOENIX™ White 16 Series  (Shore 45A ~ 95A)

TPV based. Higher heat resistance and good surface finish.

Applications Suitable for window seal, extrusion profile syringe gasket.

Customer Service


PHON TECH has excellent service department and outstanding R&D team. Feedback and requirements of customers are truly and quickly conveyed to our R&D team. A successful cross department teamwork demands effective correspondence and continual follow up.
Service provided is the true nature of staff's passion. Creating added value to the products is our permanent goal. The staff is all well-trained and organized. PHON TECH is ready to provide you the technical service at any time and any place. Come to experience it.

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