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Company Name:Urma Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:Room 512,1988 Dongfang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, P.R.China

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Urma MegaMax

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Diameters 150 - 2400 mm! Urma MegaMax and SuperMegaMax are flexible boring systems that offers a great variety of machining possibilities. The most interesting feature is RFP (Roughing-Finishing-Process). In one single pass, both the roughing and the finishing operations are done. This reduces the production time and cost by up to 50%. The Urma MegaMax system covers the entire diameter range from 150 up to 850mm and is especially designed for high-performance machining on strong machines. All fine boring heads are optionally designed as DigiTec fine boring heads which offers a digital adjusting display with 1 micron accuracy. All tools are running with ISO-Standard inserts. MegaMax allows to machine with cutting speed of up to 1000m/min. Especially in big, long bores the cost can be cut dramatically. Urma SuperMegaMax covers the range from 500 up to 2400mm. Product features: [1] Roughing and Finishing in one operation with high cutting speed and feed. [2] wide diameter range from 150 up to 2400mm and all fine boring heads optionally in DigiTec version. [3] Very flexible system to cover most of the applications. Specials are available. Boring and outside machining as well as face grooving is possible.

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