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Company Name:PALMARY Machinery Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:200 Moo 1 Khaerai, Kratumban, Samutsakorn Thailand 74110

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Contact Person:Ms.Niki Yeh

Tel:+6634 476225



ProductCategory: Origin: Brand: PALMARY Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T Delivery Period:60/Day


Care to Every Detail Insist on Quality! PALMARY Cylindrical Grinders.
“Based on PALMARY’s tradition of “Pursuing Quality Perfection” , combined with human engineering design and peak performance concepts, each machine fully reflects PALMARY’s unmatched design and technique. In addition, PALMARY’s rigorous quality control gives added assurance of superior quality.”
Grinding Examples
·         A grinder allows for various grinding applications with changeover ease.
Straight Plunge Grinding
·         For small lot production, use automatic feed combined with spark out timer to achieve superior grinding quality. For mass production, use 2-step automatic feed and 2 step automatic measurement device (optional) for upgrading productivity and grinding quality.
Shoulder grinding
·         Provides work piece outside diameter and shoulder grinding accomplished at a time.
·         Easy to set up. Simply clamp the work piece between two centers, mount the grinding wheel on the right side of wheel head and swivel the head to a degree for performing grinding.
Travers Grinding
·         Use automatically intermittent feed combined with hydraulic drive of table for the most effective traverse grinding operations.
End Surface Grinding
·         Dismantle the spindle head cover. Mount a 3-jaw or 4-jaw chuck. Change position of the pin for chuck rotation. Position the pin at a 90 degree angle for end surface grinding.
Taper Grinding
·         Hold the work piece by a chuck or two centers. The table and the wheel head can be easily adjusted and swiveled.
Internal Grinding
·         To proceed with internal grinding with a hinge-type internal grinding attachment (optional accessory), simply pull down the internal grinding spindle and fix it in place.
Wheel Forming Device (Manual. No Auto. Compensation) (Optional)
·         The device is located above the wheel and driven by a hydraulic unit to slide in longitudinal direction. It is equipped with a diamond tool for dressing and a forming board for profiling. These operations are accomplished without moving the working table. The device is compatible with all series of cylindrical grinders.

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