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Company Name:PALMARY Machinery Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:200 Moo 1 Khaerai, Kratumban, Samutsakorn Thailand 74110

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Contact Person:Ms.Niki Yeh

Tel:+6634 476225


CNC Cylindrical Grinder Machine

ProductCategory: Origin:Taiwan Brand: TOPKING Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T Delivery Period:60/Day


1. Rigid Spindle Head
·   (1) The rigid constructed spindle head employs high precision bearings assuring maximum spindle stability.
·   (2) The spindle head on the T series cylindrical grinder is driven by servomotor, providing variable speed change.
·    (3) The spindle head allows for swiveling positive 90° and negative 30°.
2. Precision Wheel Spindle
·    (1) The grinding wheel spindle is precisely machined form high quality a loy steel (SNCM-220), normalized, tempered, carburized and sub-zero treated, precisely ground and mirror-effect treated. Hardness reaches to over HRC 62°. Non-deformation, maximum wear resistance and lifetime accuracy are assured.
3. Wheel Spindle with Hydro-static Bearing Absolutely No Metal-to-Metal Contact
·   (1) Hybrid Palmary hydro-static Bearings are used for the wheel spindle bearings. Metal-to-metal contact will never occur with these highly rigid bearings which have a damping effect and make 0.5μm the new definition of wheel spindle rotational accuracy.
4. Tailstock Lubrication System Simplifies Maintenance
·   (1)An automatic oil bath lubrication system has been provided for the tailstock to maintain high-level accuracy. An oli level gauge enables quick and sure oil level checks.
 5. Precision Wheel Head
·   (1) The grinding wheel spindle is precision machined from high quality alloy steel (SNCM-220), normal zed, tempered, carburized and sub zero treated, precision ground and mirror-effect treated. Hardness reaches to over HRC 62°, No deformation, maximum wear resistance and lifetime accuracy are assured.

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PALMARY Machinery Co.,Ltd.
200 Moo. 1 Khaerai, Krathumban Samusakom Thailand 74110
Tel: +6634 476225-6   Fax: +6634 849516
www.palmary-thai.com      thailand@palmary-thai.com

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