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Time Of Establishment:1974-08-21

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Dual-control Water-type Mold Temp. Controller

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1. Male mold and female mold require different temperature degree. Dual-control series is your best choice to control two different temperatures accurately. 2. Size decrease 40% to save your space. No need to change machines often can save your cost and time for higher efficiency. 3. Patented “Heat-insulated” design (China Pat. 01345946.5; Taiwan Pat. 569920) improves your safety, extend the machine’s lifetime and make maintenance more efficiently. 4. Water type series will not pollute your working place by oil and gas that is perfect for users in electronics, medical and cosmetic industries. 5. By water, heat up and cool down faster. Also harmless to your mold and more economic than oil type for cost. Work well for more application. 6. Imported PID temperature controllers are used for accurate control of temperature within ±0.1˚C.

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