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Rapid Cool & Heat Mold TEMP. Controller

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1.      Connect signal with the molding machine to supply hot or cold water at appropriate time, including with reccling and insulation to provide energy and electric power conservation, short the cycle time of production.
2.      Required temperature to rise and drop rapidly and reduce impact of cold shrinkage and thermal expansion, maintain high product quality. The effect of product quality, including thin-wall molding and product strength.
3.      Apply to imported high-pressure motors to control heating and colling rapidly, remove the welding wires and traces, ruffles and silver marks on product surfaces, etc. The product’s surface is smooth as finish as a mirror. Not require follow-up painting and other processing procedures, reduce manufacturing costs and cover both of energy-saving and environment-friendly.
4.      Signal combination of time and temperature of the molding machine with 24 protection methods with hot and cold water levels, temperature, pressure overload, etc.

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