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Company Name:Yann Bang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd

Time Of Establishment:1974-08-21

Business Model:Privately owned

Area:No.26, 20 Industry 20th Road, Taiping District, Taichung, Taiwan.

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Stainless Insulated Hopper Dryer with Tube Loader

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Stainless and polish one unit design is dust-free and clean-free. The unique insulated hopper can stand heating repeatedly in high temperature. High security and well dehumidifying. Light weight is easy to install on the molding machine directly. To see the material level through a sight glass is to make working more efficient. It is perfect for optics and electronics use.

Tube Loader

1. Stainless unique design is dust-free and clean -free for optics users perfectly. 2. Light weight and compact size can be directly mounted to any vessel and machine without purchasing another vacuum loader. Save your cost and space. 3. By using compress air efficient venture draws resin from material tank. No motor and low noise is perfect for clean room, indoor work, and electronics and medical users. 4. Good for small batch and various kinds of production, high stability, high efficient supply to prevent moisture return of resin. 5. Glass sight window gives a clear view of loading and safety protectors to help operators working more efficiently.

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