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Company Name:Blum Production Metrology Pte Ltd

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:120 Lower Delta Road #01-06 Cendex Centre

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Touch Probe –TC63-30

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Tactile workpiece measuring system with BRC radio transmission. Modular system with reinforced design, latest BRC radio transmission technology and revolutionary shark360 measuring mechanism PRODUCT DETAILS -Perfect for large machines where line of sight between probe and receiver is blocked or intermittent -Special measuring tasks with custom extension -Pulling measurements -Thermal compensation of the machine tool Product features 1. Customized adaptions are easily developed 2. Superior precision due to patented shark 360 measuring mechanism 3. No-wear , optoelectronic measuring mechanism 4. Extended battery life 5. Precise measurement even with coolant 6. Proven and robust design 7. BRC Radio technology- Sequential use of up to 6 measuring systems with one radio receiver

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