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Extrusion Line for PVC Solid Pipe

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● It adopts the efficient cone double screw extruder, ensuring efficient extruding. ● The divergent die is suitable for PVC not only ensuring high speed stable extrusion, improving pipe quality and avoiding decomposition reaction of noncrystallizable polymer. ● It adopts efficient vacuum calibrating technology with two cavities, and spray cooling flume in order to meet requirements of production. ● It adopts a multi-caterpillar pulling machine. Each caterpillar is driven by dependent AC servomotor with even pulling force. The driven technology of digital controller realizes a precision speed adjustment so as to create a high synchronicity. ● It adopts a cutting machine with the high speed and precision design. Its cutting section is flat and smooth. An auto angling function makes the connection of pipe easier. ● It adopts auto belling machine with double heater and vacuum calibrator, not only ensuring quality of the belling and increasing its efficiency. ● A professional PCC (B&R, Austria) control system is adopted in the extrusion line for high automation, reliable running and easy operation. ● Long-distance communicative function can realize tele-diagnosis and maintenance. ● It is certified for CE safety system by China Quality Certification Centre.

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