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WW1000 Auger Filling Machine

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The WW 1000 Auger Filling Machine is designed and manufactured specially for powdery and super fine powdery products. Driven by servomotor, the auger is rotating to fill products; furthermore, the filling capacity can be adjusted automatically through optional follow-up feedback system. The WW 1000 Auger Filling machine is applicable to products with relatively steady density, such as Milk powder、Rice powder、Nutriment、Solid beverage、Food additive、Monosodium glutamate、Flavoring、Chemical raw material, etc. Advantages Easy monitoring of transparent agitator funnel, and easy cleaning owing to two-part structure. Advanced and perfect gas flushing system keeps oxygen residual content within 1.5%. Checking、feedback and sorting device near takeaway chute of finished bag ensures accuracy to be less than 1%. Adopt state-of-the-art technology; the length of stainless steel auger is up to 2 meters so as to keep excellent filling accuracy. Online detector ensures qualified oxygen residual content. Compact shut-off door is used to prevent from product clamping at sealing jaw.

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