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LA423 Push Button,Indicator

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Application LA423 series pushbutton is suitable for control signal interlocking of the electric control circuit in numerical control machine tools, mechanisms, electric power, telecommunication, ship craft, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on whose frequency and voltage are separately AC 50Hz or 60Hz and up to AC 600V or DC 400V. Design Feature LA423 series pushbutton consists of 3 parts-contact block, bracket and button head, Connection among which adopts the international current Self-locking connection of no-fastener firmware. It is safe, reliable, convenient to mount and dismount (only one can do it) and longevous. Contact block's touch safety is reliable. Parts are made of imported materials, wearable and durable. Simple inspection (only one screwdriver needed to change all components one the back side of the panel.) Degree of protection of open head: IP65 LA42 series pushbutton can contain 3 contact blocks, 6 couples of contact numbers at most. Combination modes of contact are showed as follows: 1NO:10; 1NC:01; 1NO+1NC:11; 2NOs:20; 2NCs:02; 2NOs+2NCs:22; 3NOs:30; 3NCs:03; 3NOs+NCs: 33.

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