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  • Shanghai Megawin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., a member of MEGAWIN BESTOW GROUP, is a global leading product identifying and tracking provider. We help customers realize their perfect product identifying and tracking projects, and have an unrivalled reputation for our product quality and reliability.

    Our products are used in all kinds of trackable coding information and fonts. For the past 15 years, we have gained a very good fame in the industries of printing, bill, postal service, packaging, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, wire and cable, rubber, steel, automobile accessories and electronic components, etc.

    Our success is based on a close relationship with customers, providing them with unique integral solutions tailored for themselves. These solutions help customers develop new markets and discover more business opportunities.

    We provide a series of consulting service to help customers decide what integral solutions can better satisfy their application requirements. “Listen to voices of customers, take technology as a core, solve customers’ product identifying and tracking” is what MEGAWIN BESTOW GROUP’s continuous pursuing to serve customers.

    ---Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ Printer of AK Series & PX Series are MEGAWIN BESTOW GROUP’s own research and development high-tech inkjet printing systems)
    It can print digits, letters, diagrams and Chinese characters with the font height of 0.8-1.5mm in the range of 3 rows.

    ---Thermal Inkjet Printing System (HP TIJ Printer, HP Specialty Printing Systems’ OEM partner)
    It’s an industrial equipment with simple, efficient and practical inkjet printing technology advantage, and it can print barcodes, diagrams, digits, letters and Chinese characters for any rows and multiple databases…


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