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  • Glory Charm has established in 1994 formed by Maurice and Davis as a professional trading company in HK for selling/distributing packaging material in China, HK, Taiwan and Asia markets.
    Started from 1997, we have set up a new product line for selling lining material including glue seal liner and Induction liner in China market. In 1999, our first punching factory in Guangzhou, Southern China called Glory Best Packaging (Guangzhou) Ltd and mainly for slit and punch all of the imported roll material to tape and pre-cut disc in order to achieve customer different requirement.
    In 2002, we obtained several global brand of liner manufacturer support like Selig,, Korpack and Tri-seal to distribute their products in Great China region covering Mainland, HK and Taiwan.
    In 2005, we have our own co-extrusion machine and are successfully manufacturing own multi-layers (ABA) EPE foam liner in China locally.
    Glory Charm now have 3 sales offices and 1 operation factory located in Hong Kong, Guangzhou & Shanghai respectively to provide sales, customer services, locally liner delivery to achieve customer need.
    The total sales for lining material within China and Asia Pacific region including Korea, Thailand, Malaysia,  Vietnam,  Taiwan…etc in 2012 reached 12 million US.

    Glory Charm factory located in Guangzhou, Southern China. The existing plant is newly established on 2005. The total land areas volume is 4,000 square meters located in 3 main buildings - Office, factory and dorm.  We now have 60 people in Guangzhou factory for daily production and all daily support for the workers like home rental,  food, water, electricity…etc are fully financed by GC. The main benefit  is keep factory people work durable to maintain good training programs that ensure product quality , product awareness and production efficiency.  In addition we have 15 people in sales and marketing throughout China
    We have 14 punching machines for pre-cut liner cutting and 2 semi-auto slitting machines , this combination allow us to punch 1,200,000 pre cut liners per 8 hour shift.
    We now have 2 co-extrusion machines in our factory which can run 2.50 tons of PE foam material per day. Our maximum roll width is 530.00mm (usable width).  We have manufactured approximately 1,600,000 square meters of EPE foam material in 2012 for local China and Asia Pacific demanding.


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    Email Company Website www.glorycharm.com.hk
    Fax Company Address Flat A.7/F,Shun Cheung Indusrial Building,24-26 Wing Hong Street Lai Chi Kok,Kowloon Hong Kong

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