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Radici Plastics ( Suzhou) Co., Ltd

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Company Name:Radici Plastics ( Suzhou) Co., Ltd

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Area: China
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  • RadiciGroup is one of the world’s finest producers of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics.

    RadiciGroup, a leading Italian multinational company in the chemical and synthetic fibre sectors - is one of the world’s finest producers of polyamide and polyester engineering plastics, with operations located in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Five production plants, strategically located in Italy, Brazil, Germany and China, offer processing, quality control, research and technical development support. A network of sales teams - including key offices in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Brazil, USA, China and India - makes the RadiciGroup plastics sector a truly global oraganisation able to meet quickly our customers needs worldwide.

    RadiciGroup is an integrated Compounder, whose strengths range from the independent management of its whole production chain, supported by the vertical integration of raw materials, to the flexibility and support given to its customers.

    RadiciGroup is able to offer a unique and comprehensive service, including manufacturing, quality control, research and technical support for new developments. The latter is a vital element of our strategy and through the advanced use of our Computer Aided Engineering services we can enhance our customer support in the development of new applications.

    RadiciGroup offers a complete range of products in the plastics area: polyamides (Radilon® S, Radilon® A, Radilon® CS, Radilon® CA, Radiflam® S, Radiflam® A), polyesters (Raditer® B, Raditer® E and Radiflam® B) polyacetals (Heraform®) and thermoplastic elastomers (Heraflex® A and Heraflex® E).

    RadiciGroup products in the plastics field are used widely in the automotive, electrical/electronic, industrial and consumer sectors.


    Major Business Plastics & Rubber Main Products
    Email Company Website www.radicigroup.com
    Fax Company Address 49 Pingsheng Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

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