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PEIPING PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Universal Cutter Grinding Machine)

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Company Name:PEIPING PRECISION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Universal Cutter Grinding Machine)

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Area: China
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Contact Person:Nancy Liang



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    PEIPING Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 and has been dedicated to the research and improvement of tool and cutter grinder all the time. All of the products have passed the quality inspection precisely.

    In addition, PEIPING Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. had gotten the Gold Medal winner at Geneva Invention and had many kinds of patents: No. 75717, 42447, 21204 etc.

    The quality of products is trustworthy by the customers.

    Business Philosophy

    PEIPING upholds the business philosophy of “Sustainability, Growth and Excellence.” With changes in time,

    we have imported the advanced technology and developed the high technical products to meet the customers’ needs.

    At present, PEIPING is the main manufacturer of tool and cutter grinder in Taiwan. Especially, we are the only producer for big diameter drill grinder (Biggest grinding diameter: 100mm).

    PEIPING Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. has the expert technique.

    We sincerely welcome the customers to inquire about the grinder and to have an opportunity to cooperate with us.

    Welcome to visit PEIPING website : http://www.pei-ping.com/

    E-Catalog detail : http://www.pei-ping.com/self_pages/en.html

    Welcome to visit trade show :

    2018 TMTS (November 7-10)Booth : 4B 439 Hall 4


    2019 IMTEX印度 - Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (January 24-30) Booth :


    2019 TIMTOS (March 4-9) Booth : N0004 Hall 1 (4th Floor)


    2019 CTMS台南工商机械 (April 11-15) Booth :


    2019 MTA越南 (July2-5) Booth :


    2019 TIAE台中经济自动化 (July 11-15) Booth :


    2019 TAIMOLD台北模具展 (August21-24) Booth :


    2019 EMO德国工具机展(Sep.16-21) Booth :



    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
    Email Company Website www.pei-ping.com
    Fax Company Address No. 71, 32th Rd., Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung City, TAIWAN

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