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Jhen Ten Machinery Co. Ltd.

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Company Name:Jhen Ten Machinery Co. Ltd.

Business Model:Privately owned

Area: China
Main Products: Filter, Extract equipment

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Contact Person:Wu Chern Yin



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  • Jhen Ten follows the traditional management concept in producing the machinery and stainless steel tanks for food industry. No matter it is with the functions, data presentation, material use, welding techniques, QC, even the look of our products have gone through careful design and high standard of manufacturing. Our product is in every way competitive to that of European, U.S. and Japanese enterprises. The quality of our product is according to the required hygiene standards. Jhen Ten carries on with the Japanese traditional producing skills, bringing in the latest Japanese industrial technology to elevate the total quality and technology standard. In addition to the introduction of new manufacturing method and plane style water pressure end sheathing and the purchase of advanced welding equipment, we are also dedicated to researching the improvement of the quality, function and life of our products. The quality of our products is made to the required standard of the regulatory agencies and serves for laboratories, and industries of dairy products, juice, soda, mineral water, liquor and cosmetics. Refined skills, high- technological equipment are the guarantee of our high-quality products. For the last several decade of professional experience and an intensive streamlined procedure is our foundation to offer reasonable price and perfect repair service to our customers. Systematic management and tight teamwork drives us forward. We welcome, always, to pay a visit to our factory.


    Major Business Medical & Pharmaceuticals Main Products Filter, Extract equipment
    Email jhenten@ms39.hinet.net Company Website http://www.jhen-ten.com.tw
    Fax Company Address No.1637.the Fourth Xingping Road PingHu Economic Development Zone / No.52, Lane77, Denglin Rd., Wugu Dist,New Taipei City 248

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