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Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Ltd.

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Company Name:Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Ltd.

Business Model:Sino-foreign joint

Area: China
Main Products: Iron Oxide,Complex,Phthalocyanine,Ultramarine,Chrome,Anti-corrosion and Pearlescent

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Contact Person:fanliang



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    Yipin Pigments is an international leader in the pigment industry, with 80 years as a manufacturer and supplier.

    Yipin specializes in all types of pigments to include Iron Oxide,Complex,Phthalocyanine,Ultramarine,Chrome,Anti-corrosion and Pearlescent.

    Yipin has a worldwide customer base with customers in Germany,Australia,Russia,Turkey,USA and China. All of these countries receive the same high standard of service and quality that has made Yipin Pigments the number one pigment manufacturer in China.

    Yipin prides itself with its ability to provide worldwide infield development assistance to all of our customers through out the globe. We are ISO-9001 quality certified and ISO-14001 environment certified.

    Teamwork is a major contributor to our success. We believe in honesty,responsibility and creativity,this motto is shared by all of our employees throughout our company. 

    Yipin supplies to a host of different industries such as Construction, Paint, Coatings, Plastics, Rubber, Ceramic, Printing, Paper, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical to name a few.


    Major Business Main Products Iron Oxide,Complex,Phthalocyanine,Ultramarine,Chrome,Anti-corrosion and Pearlescent
    Email fl@yipin.com Company Website http://www.yipincolorant.com
    Fax Company Address No.4839Jia Song Bei Road,

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