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Company Name:Tornos SA Shanghai Representative Office

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  • TORNOS and their competitors are taking part in the historical development of machine tools. One of the well-known machine tool designers was Leonardo da Vinci. From their conception, the TOP-100 and TOP-200 models were produced in a sense of flexibility and accrued possibilities. The NC control, for the first time completely developed by Tornos-Bechler, showed an unrivalled knowledge in the global solution procedure for the turned parts production. All these lathes meet the market requirements. But in order to cover completely all the applications required by the customers, especially for mass production, the company has to supply other solutions. The ENC 75, ENC 163, ENC 167 and ENC 264 with diameters from 1 to 26 mm fully meet the market requirements, with regard to batch and mass production of both simple and complex parts. Using the strength and experience of more than 110 years of continuous supply of over 100'000 machines (incidently over 40'000 are still in production) to all parts of the world, Tornos decided to develop a range of machines combining all of these advantages. The perfect solution to meet the challenge of the present and the future.


    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.tornos.com
    Fax Company Address Fengyu Building, 1-2F,Huifeng Creativity Garden, No. 239 Xitai Road, Xuhui District,Shanghai 200232

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