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Business Model:State-owned

Area: China
Main Products: Liquid food packaging

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  • KINN SHANG HOO is devoted to the improvement and innovation of professional food processing machinery. With the concept of better technology. Improving the quality and offer better customer services will always be our goals.

    Food processing machines have made a big progress for these ten years. It is hard to say which company’s products are good or not. High quality products can reach the desired effect and save the cost for the enterprisers. The demander must have the new idea to consider the business future and choose high quality with durable products. There are many brands in the market for producing food processing machineries, so it is important to adopt reliable brand can help your business success.


    Major Business Food & Beverage Main Products Liquid food packaging
    Email ksh6671@ms27.hinet.net Company Website https://www.ksh-foodtech.com.tw/
    Fax Company Address No. 11, Lane 85, Qingyun Street, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, 804

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  • Since 1953, specializes in food machinery industry experienced half a century, continue to adhere to innovation,
    research and development, the pursuit of excellence, excellence,
    and strive to high-quality customer service and highefficiency products,
    Our main products are fried machine, meat grinder, meat slicers, fine-cut machine,
    dried meat, mixers, dryers, cut pork machine, Smasher, beater, fish ball forming machine, planing machine Frozen meat, fish take the machine, bone saw machine, dehydrated , Wheel meat machine, conveyor oven, high speed pan, frying machine conveyor, conveyor boiled machines, and can meet customer demand customized design and production.

  • Years of experience, production capacity, good quality and good performance.

    Patented design and development with its own manufacturing capacity.

    Offers a variety of product lines to meet customer demand procurement.

    Providing food technology consulting.

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