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  • USA Rexnord Industrial Group is a manufacturer of machinery transmissions with leading and complex technic in the world , have a long history of more than 130 years, general office located at Milwaukee city WI state in USA. The main Production include chain board, convey belt, industrial bearing, gear unit, aerial part, special part, coupling, industrial chain etc. It has a 60% market in North America. In 2005 USA Rexnord Industrial Group merged USA Falk Company. USA Falk Company located at Milwaukee city WI state in USA, founded in 1893, is a largest manufacturer of power transmissions device. Its production include various gear unit, various coupling, true torque fluid coupling, large-scale open gear, power system of vessel, backstop, power transmissions according to customers' requirement. USA Rexnord is a main supplier of machinery transmissions production, driving the development of worldwide transmissions industrial equipment. It have 6000 employee, 30 factories, 200 direct sales representatives branches, several service centre and warehouses. Flak power transmissions CO. LTD and Shanghai Dalong Chain Company and Changzhou Rexnord transmissions CO. LTD are exclusive capital enterprise in China of USA Rexnord Industrial Group, they are contributing their own power to Chinese transmissions industry.


    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.falk.com.cn
    Fax Company Address No.558,Xiangyang Road,Minhang District

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