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Rousselot Gelatin China

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Company Name:Rousselot Gelatin China

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Area: 25/A 18 North Cao Xi Road Shanghai
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  • Rousselot SAS, as a world leader of gelatin manufacture with output of gelatin over 65, 000 tons is well recognized in pharmaceutical,food and photographic industries. At present, it owns 10 subsidiaries and 7 sales branches, Rousselot ensures worldwide presence and close proximity to its customers. Web site丗http://www.rousselot.com/ 丂丂In 1996, Rousselot (Guangdong) Gelatin Co., Ltd. which is the first joint venture company of Rousselot SAS in China, established in March 1996 in Kaiping city, Guangdong Province.The main product is limed bovine bones gelatin with annual output of 6, 200 MT. 丂丂Rousselot (Wenzhou) Gelatin Company, established in November 2003, is the second joint venture of Rousselot gelatin group in China.The company is equipped with most advanced gelatin production line in China and has annual gelatin output of 5,500 MT and is the largest pigskin gelatin manufacturer in China 丂丂Rousselot (Da乫an) Gelatin Co. Ltd, was founded in April 2006. Located in Da乫an, Ji Lin Province, the company mainly produces limed bovine bone gelatin and its manufacturing capacity is 3500 tons annually 丂丂Rousselot (Zhejiang) Gelatin Co. Ltd, situated in Pingyang town, Wenzhou, mainly produces limed hide gelatin and acid pig skin gelatin. The company has an annual production capacity of 4000 tons.


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    Email Company Website http://www.rousselotchina.com
    Fax Company Address 25/A 18 North Cao Xi Road Shanghai

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