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  • Changes with each new day as well as the information time vigorous development along with the technical development, we and are in the lead the rich technical background in line with the traditional management idea, produces the system each kind of mechanical device, the stainless steel barrel trough, in the functional design, the energy data, the needed materials choice, the welding technology, system Cheng Pinguan the even outward appearance beautification, each process all careful plan and the request product sufficiently compares favorably with country and the area and so on the Europe, America, date, the quality conforms to domain the and so on food, dairy product, drink production necessary health examination standard.
    On the production line, the town field machinery carries on Japan the type tradition the production technology, introduces the Japanese specialized technology, enhances the product quality and the technical standards, and takes shape the hydraulic pressure end board by the new manufacture technology and the unique level beat, has applied advanced acme production technology and so on the welding, weld bead stress elimination, devotes to the product function, promotion of and the research and development the service life, the function has conformed to each kind of quality requirement and the examination standard, widely receives various factories the high praise.
    Specialized technical, the high tech equipment is we provides the high quality product the best guarantee. After the close work flow and more than 10 years specialized experience are we may provide the cornerstone which the reasonable price position and the consummation serves. The town field scale management policy and the team cooperation centripetal force is a power which we unceasingly progresses.
    Welcome to be present the factory instruction; and thank the user to the town field support.


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    Fax Company Address No.808 Hai tong Road Binhai Zone Wenzhou

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