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    Chieh Song Company (Filling Machine Co.,Ltd) was established 10 years ago, our professional team invested nearly 20 years in this professional field, thanks for all the supports of our clients, we accumulated innovative techniques and abundant experiences. During the past 10 years, Chieh Song has been responsible for several cases worldwide. Until today, Chieh Song is still extending it's oversea market and will keep moving forward in the coming future.

    ● Mineral water production line.
    ● Hot-filling beverage production line (tea & juice)
    ● Carbonated drinks production line.
    ● Various dairy products (milk, soy milk etc.)
    ● Cold chain delivery fruits & vegetable juice
    ● Wine and health-care beverages.

    ● Professional beverage packing and mechanical engineering
    ● Strong lineup
    ● Advance technical communication quality
    ● Perfectionist in after-sale service

    Chieh Song Company(Filling Machine Co.,Ltd) has established developemental relationship and partnership with Japan Hsin Taku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Osaka Metal Industry Coordination and Assemble, German KRONES Company, and Canada United Packing Machine Company etc. to enhence and improve the equipment designs. With clients spreading through Europe, America and Japan occupying the leading international status, Fima Machine Co., Ltd knows it』s opportunity clearly in the worldwide markets, and was able to develop various new products in communication and discussion with clients in various needs.

    During these years, Chieh Song Company has not only been doing technology exchanges, but has also had business collaboration with Hsin Taku Kogyo Co., Ltd., equipments were sold to Japan. It included mineral water, vinegar, sauce …etc. production equipment.

    NVE Company is a celebrated beverage company in USA. By chance, we were able to propose to them with our products in the plantation process of a new beverage production line. Appreciatively, they decided to purchase two new production lines from Chieh Song Company, in 2004 and 2005. 1. Carbonated drink canning line800 canmin2. Hot filling line300bottlemin.


    Major Business Food & Beverage Main Products
    Email Company Website http://www.chiehsong.com.tw/index.html
    Fax Company Address No. 50, Alley 200, Lane 36, Sec. 4, Anho Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 709

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