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Alfa Laval: ThinkTop V70 upgrade




Experts at Alfa Laval Fluid Handling Application & Innovation Centre can help brewers (and other F&B manufacturers) save up to 71% in water costs. In this video, a brewery shows how they can reduce water cost when cleaning mixproof valves.


According to Alfa Laval findings, upgrading all valve control tops on a mixproof valve cluster isn’t always the optimal approach to raising process performance, especially for industries with less frequent cleaning requirements. Their experts tested three scenarios using a set-up identical to the brewery’s own.  


They said upgrading one out of every four valve control tops was a better solution compared to upgrading all.


“A total upgrade is not always the best approach. Sometimes a little ingenuity goes a long way,” says Mario Kurilic, Technical Sales Manager, Food & Water, Alfa Laval. “Using one ThinkTop V70 to control four valve actuators delivered 71% in water savings and required less investment than changing all the control tops.”

Click here to see how the test went.


Faster valve cleaning, faster payback time

ThinkTop V70 with burst seat cleaning functionality effectively cleans the valve seat much faster and uses less water than the brewery’s current cleaning system. This makes it possible to realize payback in less than a year, depending on the cleaning requirements, frequency and cost structure.

Video source: Alfa Laval

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