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Insight into Westfalia Fruit estate




REGARDED as the father of modern avocado production, Dr Hans Merensky was ahead of his time in adopting a series of techniques designed to conserve water, protect and rejuvenate soils, and offer sustainable livelihoods to the people who farmed his land and beyond. Working on the Westfalia Estate in South Africa up until his death in 1952, Dr Merensky made it both his life’s mission and legacy to establish a way of working that brings substantial positive benefits to both the natural environment and those that relied upon it to live.

Today, Westfalia has developed new ways of growing that are both protecting precious water resources and producing strong and healthy avocado trees that will bear fruit and nourish the land for many decades to come.

The Westfalia Fruit Group is a leading supplier of fresh and processed produce to international markets, offering a diverse range of quality fruit and related products via its vertically integrated supply chain. As a frontrunner in the avocado industry, Westfalia grows, sources, ripens, packs, processes and markets accredited avocados across the globe throughout the year. Value-added products include avocado oil, low-preservative guacamole, frozen avocado and dried fruit.

The company grows fruit in all major origins in the Americas and Africa and sources from partner orchards, giving the Group the most diverse avocado-growing footprint in the world. Westfalia’s dynamic and integrated supply chain from research to the consumer benefits all stakeholders. The Group’s research division, Westfalia Technological Services, is the world’s largest privately funded subtropical fruit research unit. Its dedicated team of scientists and technicians focus on varietal development, innovation and environmental matters, and provides a pivotal role in defining the future of the global avocado industry.

A supplier of choice to retail, wholesale and food-service customers, Westfalia operates sales offices in the UK, Europe, North America, Latin America and southern Africa. Fruit is packed in diverse formats and expertly ripened to deliver optimal eating quality.

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