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ProfilePrint food ingredient search engine platform




ProfilePrint is a food ingredient search engine platform powered by a patented A.I. fingerprint technology, rapidly predicting the quality and profile of a food sample within seconds.  It allows sellers and buyers to objectively ascertain the agreed quality of a food ingredient in an online transaction, saving time and money by transforming the onerous process of sending samples for physical checks.

ProfilePrint first unveiled its A.I. fingerprint prediction technology in June 2021 at the Singapore Coffee Association auction, traditionally held in person but brought online due to the pandemic. As brewing and sending samples to the few thousand buyers participating from all around the world was practically impossible, ProfilePrint was commissioned as the neutral technology partner to predict the Q-grading score, taste parameters as well as key attributes such as moisture and density for all the auctioned coffee beans. This allowed buyers to be more assured of a coffee lot’s quality and profile beyond the scores provided by sellers.

Source: ProfilePrint

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