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FIMIC: RAS melt filter advantages




FIMIC has 26 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of melt filters. 


The design of FIMIC filter is based on these important characteristics: Easy operation and maintenance, for different types of material and contamination, low operational cost, low melt loss, less worker needed, affordable spare part and flexible to work with different recycling extruders.


RAS model is FIMIC's automatic, self-cleaning melt filter that  features a laser-drilled screen. The scraping system in the filter performs a self-cleaning function to remove the contamination on the screen automatically and within seconds. This function makes it not necessary to continuously change a screen and grants a continuous and stable melt flow. The laser screen gives fine filtration. FIMIC filters guarantee the lowest melt loss and operational costs in the market today.  


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2021-04-29 14:25:239.4k Views

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