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  • HAPPI Asia [2015-10]

    Divest or diversify, time for a change When talking about the growth of any industry, being prepared to fight slowdown i...
  • HAPPI Asia [2015-7]

    Dealing with Smog, Dirt and Dust A CREATIVE approach is a requirement to find success in the Vietnamese beauty mar...
  • HAPPI Asia [2015-3]

    Innovation, constantly evolving IS the most talked-about topic across the full business spectrum for years, about to ...
  • HAPPI Asia [2014-10]

    A Catalyst for Change AS we were putting this issue to bed, marches against climate change were taking place ahead of t...
  • HAPPI Asia [2014-6]

    THE approach towards beauty has never been so holistic. When it comes to looking good, today’s consumers increasingly ...
  • HAPPI Asia [2014-1]

    THE world is changeable. It seems that just a while ago that BRIC were still the most-talked emerging countries, but now...
  • HAPPI Asia [2013-10]

    Without exception, the ever booming e-commerce in Asia Pacific also opens up numerous opportunities for beauty and perso...
  • HAPPI Asia [2013-3]

    In the pursuit of looking better , today's consumers are increasingly looking for personal care products with valid effi...
  • HAPPI Asia [2012-10]

    Reaching more than 10,082 qualified household/personal care industry professionals in Asia, (manufactures and brand owne...
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