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Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal

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Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal

We have been delivering information on the big topics like food waste reduction and sustainability in this magazine for years. Flipping through the old pages, I see the rapid developments in these areas as they are reported to us over the years, from a breakthrough processing technique to a novel material for packaging. We know that every innovation and every action counts in the race to ensure the growing world population will always have high quality, nutritious and affordable foods. But the same old concerns still trouble us today. We still generate a lot of food waste  -- to quote the United Nations: "Globally, around 13 percent of food produced is lost between harvest and retail, while an estimated 17 percent of total global food production is wasted in households, in the food service and in retail all together".


Companies continue to forge on because the work of becoming greener and more efficient is never done – the seemingly Sisyphean task is just carried out by one generation to the next.  But thankfully industry is rife with innovative ideas for us to dream of a food-secure future. 


In this issue, the products featured are meant to help suppliers and manufacturers create better products. The article A natural approach to freshness shows technologies like the Micvac method is still a popular technique for ready-to-eat products, while for meat preservation, alternatives to nitrites also extend the shelf life and stability of products.  Our exclusive interview with Kerry'Dr. Pornpun Theinsathid (PhD), Business Development Manager, Food Protection & Preservation (Meat), Kerry Asia 
Pacific, Middle East & Africa. on meat preservation also emphasises food waste reduction.


For better packaging, Tosaf recently introduced a UV blocker for clear packaging films that will protect food from quality degradation when it is exposed to artificial light on shelves, during transport or storage. It's another solution to increase food shelf life, and reduce waste.


In sustainability, we put the spotlight on Olam Food Ingredients' efforts in making a difference in the cocoa supply chain, from helping the farmers to improving the cocoa processing. For this, read our interview with Susanne Folkerts, Global Operations Head of  Sustainability & Environment at Olam.  


Also big news, the modern indoor hydroponics farm, Artisan Green partnered with Siemens to start a highly scalable integrated Farm Management System - it's their contribution to a more resilient food future in Singapore.  




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