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Hydraulic Molding Machine

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Brand:Jing Day
Model number:Hydraulic Molding Machine
Industry involved:Chemical,Plastics & Rubber,Other Machinery Equipment
Application Industry:

Product Introduction

•This series of machines is suitable for molding many different plastic related materials. Such as rubber, melon dishes, bakelite, urea powder, foaming, brakes, etc.

•PLC and HMI functional control as standard specification.

•Integrated hydraulic circuit provides various pipe functions on the circuit boards, reducing piping to a minimum. The oil cooler ensures long service life of the circuit valve.

•The motion time, and a number of other parameters can be conveniently set on the control panel to meet product variations, ensuring production quality.

•The electric system is controlled by the PLC controller, allowing for easy operation and accurate adjustment. An emergency switch provides added safety for the mold and the operator.

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