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S-B47A Automatic Vertical Triple Necker with Flanger

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Model number:S-B47A
Industry involved:Food & Beverage,Packaging Equipment & Materials
Application Industry:

Product Introduction

Can Making Machinery

S-B47A Automatic Vertical Triple Necker with Flanger with vertical design is easily to link and work together with automatic double seamer. Can cylinder outside wall is

brushed with oil by an oiling device and is carried into by a timing screw and turrets. Triple neck is formed due to guidance from three shaped outer necking dies made of tungsten carbide. Proper floating inner dies are to prevent wrinkle. Then, necked can is flanged by spin flanging die. Spin flanging works by several gear driven turning rollers to squeeze can fringe. With recyclable centralized lubricating system and multiple safety devices, easy for maintenance and can size changeover.

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