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i-Sleeve Auto Shrink Sleeve Labeller

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Model number:i-Sleeve
Industry involved:Food & Beverage,Packaging Equipment & Materials
Application Industry:Other

Product Introduction

A single head sleeve labeler which sets the standard speed up to 150bpm. Ultra-thin cutter plate, unique drive transmission structure design, easy adjustment and disassembly.


● Slim cutter plate design, with fixed drive belt tension design, for easy adjustment and maintenance.

● Manual up and down spiral design for easy adjustment. Adjustment range is wider than traditional machines.

● With unique drive transmission structure, designed for easy usage.

● Machine only uses 3 timing belts for easy maintenance.

● Adopts separate conveyor design, which can easily be integrated within any production line.


Product features

[1] Max Speed:150bpm / 180mm(label length)

[2] Integrated adjustment design for the entire transmission maximizes versatility for accommodating different label specifications. Accommodates film paper core size from 5"-10" with variable adjustments.

[3] Machine only uses 3 timing belts for easy maintenance.


Competitive advantage(s)

● Experienced trading staff

● Experienced in Int’l markets

● Flexibility in production


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