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CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader

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Model number:CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
Industry involved:Metalworking,Metal Cutting Machine Tools
Application Industry:Others

Product Introduction

1.It can machine workpieces all day continuously to save manpower.

2.Dual-spindle adopts servo control, with superiority in high speed and high precision for single blank workpiece loading.

3.It can work with different types of feeder station based on customer’s feeding requirement on blank materials.

4.Gantry Loader uses remote control interface, owing professional hand –held touchscreen with clear interface, fool-proof design, and guide with teaching.

5.Gantry Loader is on top of machine. The design can extend lifetime of auto loading /unloading system and decrease the consumption cost.

Various possibilities for production line lineage according to process plan.


Product features

[1] High-speed, high-precision, improve production efficiency and quality
[2] Day and night without interruption continuous processing, can save manpower cost
[3] GREENWAY can also assist with configuration monitoring if customers need action monitoring

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