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Economical CNC Lathe

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Model number:Economical CNC Lathe
Industry involved:Metalworking,Metal Cutting Machine Tools
Application Industry:Others

Product Introduction


1.Our main economical machine type with high processing efficiency, the price is more affordable than swiss type, it's an entry models for CNC lathe.

2.The linear guideway configuration is suitable for light cutting and processing speed, which can greatly increase the customer's production efficiency.

3.The small size of the machine platform can save the factory space.

4.Optional Follow rest with fixed guide bush and Long workpiece parts catcher, increase holding material function, can process long workpieces.


Product features

[1] Small lathe size can save plant space

[2] Configurable for wire cutting, suitable for light cutting and fast processing, which can greatly enhance the customer's production efficiency.

[3] Optional with the knife and long workpiece with the material collection device, increase the material support function, you can process long parts

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