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Swiss Type CNC Lathe

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Model number:Swiss Type CNC Lathe
Industry involved:Metalworking,Metal Cutting Machine Tools
Application Industry:Others

Product Introduction


1.With turning, milling, tapping and outline various machining functions, also suitable for processing long workpiece which can reduce cycle processing time and improve production efficiency.

2.Bar capacity:Ø25mm / Ø 32mm

3.Works with Synchronous rotary guide bushing unit, suitable for processing long and slender workpiece.

4.With guide bush type travel is 180mm, min. offal is 150mm.



Product features

[1] Processing of high-precision, low noise, low vibration
[2] Main spindle with built-in motor spindle, omit the transmission, can take into account the high quality and low noise and low vibration requirements
[3] With the synchronous rotary guide sleeve can also process long-axis objects

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