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Dual-Spindle CNC Lathe

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Model number:Dual-Spindle CNC Lathe
Industry involved:Metalworking,Metal Cutting Machine Tools
Application Industry:Others

Product Introduction


1.High rigidity body structure, machine base casting is integrally formed and high rigidity linear guide way, providing stabler, faster and higher precision.

2.Built-in main spindle is with C-axis function, high speed, big power, high precision and low vibration which can make surface of workpiece smoother. 

3.Sub-spindle is with C-axis function, it can work with live tooling for end side drilling, tapping and milling.

4.It can depend on different demand of machining to with or without Synchronous rotary guide bushing device.

5.Max. 23 tools, can do machining on front side and back side at the same time which can save time for processing.




Product features

[1] Processing of high-precision, low noise, low vibration
[2] Can be simultaneously front, back processing, for customers to save processing time
[3] With the synchronous rotary guide sleeve can also process long-axis objects

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