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Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

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Industry involved:Plastics & Rubber,Personal Care,Compounding,Plastics Recycling,Nonwoven,Metalworking,Food & Beverage,Semiconductor / Electronic Chip
Application industry:Plastic Products,New Energy/Renewable Energy
Establishment Time:1998
Business Model:Foreign Invested Company
Main Product:针对工业B2B企业的内容营销,工业杂志,活动,会议,数字营销等一站式解决方案
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Company Introduction

From print media to integrated multimedia solutions Ringier Trade Media Ltd has consistently been a front runner in the application of new communication technologies. As a leading B2B industrial information provider the company has successfully promoted industrial development for the past 25 years. With a focus on quality content, industry knowledge, excellent service to the communities we serve our various media channels connect and engage with industry experts , suppliers and users. Ringier Trade Media has been shaped by its commitment to innovation, and meeting the needs of customers & readers.
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