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in-cosmetics Asia

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Start Time:2023-11-07

End Time:2023-11-09

Venue:Bangkok, Thailand

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Exhibition Content

Join in-cosmetics Asia, where all areas of the cosmetics industry connect to inspire, share insights and spark potential collaborations.


Celebrating excellence in the field of ingredient innovation, in-cosmetics Asia also offers high-quality education on the latest science and trends.


Plus, with targeted networking opportunities for the international personal care ingredients community, you can uncover the tools to engage in new business and evolve your brand.


Whether you are a (visiting) personal care creator or (exhibiting) supplier of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing or regulatory solutions, in-cosmetics Asia has something for you. Join us for fresh-thinking and development, unlocking better experiences for consumers in a changing world.Learn about the latest developments in the in-cosmetics series exhibition. 


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