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FUBON by Angel Yeast advocates better animal nutrition

Release Date:2023-10-06 532
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Animal nutrition brand FUBON by Angel Yeast launched a green initiative on World Animal Day (4th October). It advocates the public to improve animal nutrition, health and welfare, accentuating on reducing the use of antibiotics and promoting the sustainable development of the farming industry.


FUBON by Angel Yeast is a global leader of yeast-based products for animal nutrition committed to pushing forward green, ecological farming leveraging cutting-edge yeast technologies, promoting environmental protection, and fulfilling social responsibility.


Elevating animal nutrition and health

A healthy animal population maintains ecological chain stability and protects biodiversity, and animal health is closely related to nutrition, which could affect the balance of the entire ecosystem. It's imperative to focus on animals' nutritional needs and conserve the habitats to realize sustainable development of the diversity of life, and biotechnology innovation can better fulfill the nutritional needs and let the planet be full of life and vitality.


"As a researcher of FUBON, we are dedicated to developing yeast-based biological feeds that are more suitable for animal health according to animal species and growth stages, we select and cultivate specialized strains that fit the gastrointestinal tracts of different animals," said Fayuan Gong, Animal Nutrition Product Manager of FUBON by Angel Yeast.


FUBON by Angel Yeast is collaborating with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ghent University, Texas Tech University, and Kasetsart University on R&D to develop new feed formula options with biotechnology.


Safeguarding the healthy growth of animals with innovative solutions

  • FUBON by Angel Yeast offers solutions that enhance animal digestion, boost immunity, and reduce antibiotic use, ensuring animal health and safety.


  • Provides high-quality functional protein ingredients (GroPro) to solve the shortage of protein resources.


  • Substitute the use of antibiotics and AGPs with probiotics, prebiotics, and enzyme preparation to improve gastrointestinal health, with MOS and YeaSense to boost immunity and reduce diseases, and decrease the use of AGPs with high-quality protein and yeast bioactive substance that also improves growth performance.


  • Reduces the risk of mycotoxin infection through the BioBon solution, which tackles ingredient pollution and ensures the quality and safety of animal feeds.


  • Cuts carbon emissions with upgraded production processes and techniques such as changing the spray drying to roller drying.


"FUBON by Angel Yeast aims to provide new solutions for the health of people and animals. Our R&D innovation and development and a roadmap for sustainable farming with biotechnologies demonstrate our commitment to creating a better shared future," said Gong.

W: https://en.angelyeast.com/products/animal-nutrition.html

Video source: Angel Yeast

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