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Jainnher Showcases the Highlights of Their Precision Grinders at TIMTOS

Release Date:2023-12-28 752
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With a focus on manufacturing grinding machines for more than 40 years, Jainnher team shares insights on how to meet customer’s high precision and high automation requirements using different type of grinder machine.


JHC-2416T-CNC7 centerless machine design adopts symmetry direction feeding in grinding and regulating wheels. The 405mm large grinding wheel is capable of heavy grinding. Equipped with a large loading / unloading device, the machine is capable of grinding workpieces with a maximum diameter 230mm.

JHG-1510NC2 axes center hole machine is suitable for automatic production line. Users can obtain the best concentricity and roundness through the automatic procedure. Further, it will improve the efficiency of allocation of human resource and fit the trend of smart manufacturing.

There is also an JHI-150CNC internal machine that delivers excellent performance in achieving precise surface finishes after grinding. Additionally, the JHP-2003CNC plunge cylindrical machine is applicable to the non-circular workpieces.


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